Welcome to the wiki for the campaign Midrelm in Madness, being hosted on Roll20. On this you will find vital information on the worlds and characters populating the contained and yet wondrously large dungeon-punk universe of Midrelm.


Midrelm. The Middle Realm. A melting pot of people and cultures home-brewn and from universes beyond. Home to many tales, travelers, worlds, and adventures, it is full much of wonder and great good as it is danger and evil.

Whenever forces conspire to unravel the fabric of Midrelm, the regent deities seek heroes to act in their stead, lest the purpose of nature, progress, and free will be undermined. However, Valentine the goddess of balance and Ferimahn the god of toll and travel have been missing for a year, with much evidence to suggest a divine assassination. It is in this confusion that nebulous parties have already gone to work bringing horror and suffering to Midrelm, forcing even once-benevolent gods against one another.

Desperate, the remaining powers-that-be have manipulated circumstances such that many Midrelmers and off-worlders will be transformed into heroes to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Our story begins following a particular set of young women on the centermost planet Midgard, trying to return to their own worlds, their own universes, but caught up in the circumstances of the conflict. Working together, these girls will learn as much about each other as they will themselves. And defeat outer and inner demons alike.


Midrelm in Madness