Though a small universe comprised of twenty-five habitable star systems at most, the god of toll and travel Ferimahn, and Valentine, the goddess of balance, would gladly confirm for you through the great charts of the eldest one, Yog Sothoth, that Midrelm is in fact the centermost universe of the entire multiverse, with the most direct connection to each and every of the nigh-infinite number of existences.

Unfortunately Midrelm is in a crisis with their supposed deaths. And Yog Sothoth’s direct participation could trigger the literal disintegration of Midrelm, thus the destruction of the many, many, many universes. The Midrelm Pantheon of Benevolent Deities (™) have put out their equivalent of facebook, craigslist, and reddit ads, which for the majority who try to be as removed and out of touch as possible with their involvement of mortals while somehow still convincing them to maintain a level of praise and worship, consists of aggressively passive-aggressively affecting small occurrences throughout the realm to kinda maybe sorta get heroes to come out of the woodwork.

Midrelm comprises of ten star systems with sixty nations.

Rockwel, Ventius. Laefa, Ganador, Gaulylat, Siegheil, Wayonder, Argulske, Bildenstein, The Crimeas, and Orphus on the Star System Eon. A progressive but ambitious and manipulative collection of civilizations rich in history. With the rich richer and the poor poorer than anyone else in Midrelm.

Yamatogawa, Rikudo, Gamgori, YiLong, SunLiuCao, Baek-yeowoon, Namdai, and Zaiam in the Namasta Star System. Technological countries and economic superpowers, highly set in their ways of tradition and culture.

Sanskara Agni, Iqbal, Naree, Sinkal, Luzcemi, Zamor, and Ospenn in the Pasifar System. Gifted in an abundance of natural resources and mystical energies, ruled by territorial, mysterious, mythical demigods.

Asriel and Pallas Athene in the Gazra System. Forever at war, two peoples so similar yet so different locked in conflict over what they perceive as the holy land. But unchallenged by any other nation in combat.

Sirocco and Ag’rippa in the Cremizandaheen System. In their ability to harness the powers of the sun, the wind, the fire, and the black gold, they know no equal.
Kandor, Darkon, Iblis, Nonabel, and Imeni in the System Safir. A collective of vicious warrior nations at impasse with the rest of Midrelm.

Moor, Golyad, Nolwad, Souther, Negoro, Zemboa, Usain, Wander, and Sedan in the Farohom Star System. A land steeped as much in culture, history, and continued contribution to Midrelm as it is self-bloodshed and betrayal.

Santana, Nica, Gentry, Domina Lova, Andes, Chell, Cabriana, Dridtian, Airi, and The Batalle in the Sudamar Star System. Tropics renowned as much for its beautiful extravagance as its extravagant crime.

Galivant, Tibersky, Grenniche, and Arcturus in the Taundragora Star System. Run by a hardy people tempered by the cold, by a wildernesses lush with natural wonder and peril.
And in the center of all these is Midgard, the Middle World of the Middle Realm. A planet where its own sun revolves around it, said to be made inhabitable by magic alone and thus sacred. A golden-green land where the gods are said to reside.

Not of course that any of this is misinformation. Regardless, due to the instabilities that have presented themselves, the once sanctified planet of Midgard has hella’ new people looking for prime real estate.


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